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Register for online services

How to register for the online service


Please read carefully

When you have completed this process you will not be able to order any medicaltion for at least 48 hours, we have to process your request you DO NOT need to come to the surgery with a form unless you have never used an online service with us before.

1) via https://patient.emisaccess.co.uk

  • Open the website
  • Click “register”
  • “Have you received a registration letter from your practice?” – click NO
  • Now enter your postcode in the box. Then click Next

This will provide you with a list of surgeries to pick from- select Bunbury – then next

  • Now enter your name, Date of birth, top line of your address, postcode and create a password ( can be the same as you used before) then next
  • Answer security questions, tick terms and conditions and email if it isn’t there already

We then receive the request and within 48 working hours (ie not straight away) we will give you access to what you could already use.

If you have not used our on online service before you will need to print off and complete a registration form and personally come into the surgery. The document can be downloaded on this link.

When you are able to use the website you will receive an email from “EMIS Notification System no.reply@e-mis.com” titled “Patient Access Registration Submitted”. You will then be able to order medication.

If you register today it will be at least 48 hours before you can order medication. If you need medication in the meantime please bring your repeat slip to the surgery.


2) Call into the Practice

Complete the form and print off (link to online registration letter) or complete when you are at the surgery.

You will need to bring photo ID and proof of address with you.

We will then give you a registration letter for you to take home and register on line using the details from the letter.